The Quetzal

Wait! What was that? That was the quetzal, it is the most beautiful bird in the rainforest. Read on to learn about the appearance, the habitat, the prey, and the friends and enemies of the quetzal.


This bird is considered the most beautiful animal in the rainforest because of its appearance. The quetzal has green feathers and black wings. The male quetzal has a long green tail of feathers that is three feet long. The quetzal has short legs and small feet. It has thin skin and a weak bill and is 40 centimeters tall.

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Pharomacrus mocinno - Resplendent Quetzal


To find the quetzal look in Central America. The quetzal lives in the canopy in dense evergreen forest. They also nests in rotting trees. They live so high in the rainforest some people call it a cloud forest and is common to the countries of Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Panama.

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Feeding Habits

It eats just like any bird. It's an omnivore and eats fruits, plants, bugs, frogs, snails, and small lizards. Their favorite food is avocados. This bird eats five times a day and eats their food whole. It swoops down to catch its prey, and start to look for food when it is three weeks old.

Friends and Enemies

This bird has a lot of friends and enemies. It is the national bird of Guatemala and is worshiped by the Mayans as god of air. It is endangered because of deforestation. This bird is also hunted by squirrels, owls and hawks. Royalty wore their feathers during ceremonies.
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This bird is the one of most beautiful birds of the rainforest. Help stop deforestation before the quetzal becomes extinct. Unless you do something, all the rainforest will be gone, and so will the quetzal.


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