Monday Message

News from Mrs. Hilcher- Principal of Grapevine Elementary

Week of September 25

Thank you for attending last week's PTA meeting and for participating in the School and Community Activity Fair and Ice Cream Social. A great time was had by all! We hope you enjoyed learning about our PTA and about services & activities available for our GES Stars! We are thankful that we get to partner with you in your child's education this year. Thank you for the many ways you support your child and our school!

We hope to see many of you at the workshop on Bullying tomorrow night at 6:30 PM. Parents from across GCISD are invited to hear the Parenting Center's presentation in our Cafeteria. We look forward to seeing you around GES in the coming weeks!

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Information from Nurse Mary

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD

School Health Services

Dear Parents,

The health and safety of all students is important to the staff at Grapevine Elementary. In an effort to keep our students healthy and in the classroom, I wanted to share a few lifestyle hygiene habits. We can’t keep everyone from getting sick, but we sure can try.

  1. Wash your hands!! Before you eat, after you eat, when you use the restroom, after PE, after you sneeze, anytime you can. When in doubt, wash your hands.

  2. If you cough or sneeze, use your sleeve. (The students can demonstrate this for you)

  3. Respect personal space. Keep a little distance between you and your friends, and you and your teachers.

  4. Only visit the nurse for things that cannot be taken care of in the classroom. At any time during the day there may be a sick student in the clinic, so the healthiest place to be is in the classroom. Teachers have band-aids for little cuts and scrapes.

  5. Wear weather appropriate clothing. If there is snow on the ground, students should wear closed-toed shoes, pants and a jacket.

While we practice these healthy habits at school, we also ask that you do your part in assessing your student’s health at home. If your student has a fever of more than 100.0 degrees, or is experiencing vomit/diarrhea, district policy requires them to stay home. Only when your student has been symptom-free without the use of any medication for more than 24 hours may they return to campus.

In the event that your student is staying home from school, please call the front office and let us know. As always, we are here to answer any healthy hygiene habits questions.

Thank you!

Nurse's Clinic Request

The nurse's clothes cabinet for whoopsies and accidents is almost out of little girl's shorts and pants. If you have anything along these lines that your children have outgrown we would love to have it. Thank you!

Counselor's Corner

The month of September's guidance topic is KINDNESS! Please spend time this month with your GES star(s) discussing what kindness looks like and sounds like in different environments. For example, kindness can look like picking up something a peer dropped at school; kindness can sound like saying "excuse me" when you need past someone in a grocery store. We will kickoff Rachel's Challenge on Boots & Blue Shirt Day, Monday, October 2nd. What a great way to lead up to a day devoted to bullying prevention!
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Fall Carnival is October 21st!

Volunteer Opportunities

It's carnival time!! We need LOTS of volunteers to make the carnival run smoothly every year. It's so much fun to be involved and interact with all our awesome GES STARS! If you are able to help out for any portion of the event, please add you name to the Volunteer Sign Up

Auction Information

There are only 10 days until the GES Auction items are due on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5 and we need your help! We are asking each family to contribute something for our themed baskets to make this the most successful auction yet! Collection boxes are now in your child's classroom. Just send them to school with their items to be placed in the box. (Please note, donations of wine/beer cannot be dropped off at the school. Please contact your coordinator to arrange for pickup).

Ways to contribute:

*Purchase item(s) from your grade level basket list (below)

*Ask a local business for a donation (or send us the name and contact information of someone you have in mind and we are happy to do it!)

*Make a Cash or Gift Card donation

There are still plenty of open spots to sign up on these links:

5th Grade

4th Grade

3rd Grade

2nd Grade

1st Grade


The grade with the most successful baskets at auction will win a Pajama Day from Mrs. Hilcher! Let's help our kiddos win the competition! If you have any questions, please contact our Auction Coordinator.

Upcoming Dates

Monday, 9/25 Choir (2:55-3:55 PM)

Tuesday, 9/26 Parenting Center workshop on Bullying (GES cafeteria @ 6:30 PM)

Thursday, 9/28 Choir (2:55-3:55 PM)

Friday, 9/29 GES Bank (Cafeteria 7:15-7:45 AM);

Monday, 10/2 Boots & Blue Day for anti-bullying

Wednesday, 10/4 Walk & Roll to school - meet at Glade Landing Park @7:15AM!

Thursday, 10/5 Choir (2:55-3:55 PM); WOW Club (2:55-4:50 PM)

Friday, 10/6 Student holiday - Professional Learning Day for staff

Monday, 10/9 Student/Staff holiday

Grade Level Newsletters

GCISD Information

Parent Technology Academy

The Parent Technology Academy will be conducting presentations and classes on various topics including: family access classes, social media and apps to be aware of on your child's devices, ways to encourage proper usage of technology at home, understanding text lingo and the apps students use to communicate, as well as ways older students can promote themselves online to increase visibility for scholarships and more.

Please complete the following parent technology courses survey to provide feedback on what kind of classes you would like.

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Opportunity for Registered Nurses

The Health Services Department is looking for parents that are registered nurses to help cover campus clinics. If you are an RN and are interested in covering your child's school clinic on a PRN basis, please contact Amy Howard at

Volunteer Requirements

In order to volunteer at GES, or around GCISD, all volunteers must:

  1. read the Volunteer Handbook (this replaces the previous face to face volunteer trainings held on campus)
  2. watch the appropriate video included in the handbook
  3. electronically sign the verification Google form for each campus you plan to volunteer
  4. complete the volunteer background check. A link is included in the handbook.

The following link takes you to the online Volunteer Handbook and background check:

When you are ready to volunteer at GES, feel free to call the front office at 817-251-5735 to verify that both of the required steps have been recorded as completed. We appreciate your support as you complete these steps and volunteer to work with our GES students.

Meet Our Outstanding GES Staff!

GES Lunch Times for 17-18

Pre-K - 10:20-10:50am

Kindergarten - 10:20-10:50am

1st grade - 10:50-11:20am

2nd grade - 11:50-12:20pm

3rd grade - 11:20-11:50am

4th grade - 12:10-12:40pm

5th grade - 12:35-1:05pm

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