A-Frame House Style


The A-frame house style has two similar sized beams that are angled at a 45 degree angle. The steep roof helps the snow, slide down off of the roof. There are gigantic windows in the front, allowing light to shine from front to back. This style is more for outdoor-loving people because it has a large deck. This house is considered the classic vacation home. The upper level could be used as a sleeping loft or a storage area. The main level can be seen from front to back. Lastly the roof extends to the ground so there is less work to be done on the house and more time to enjoy it.
The time period when a- frame houses were popular was 1950s - 1970s. During this time civil rights was big and happening. Civil rights was when the African Americans were fighting for the rights of social freedom and equality because whites refused to share bathrooms, schools and work with blacks.

Popular fashion for women in this time was the S bend corset. It caused the hips to go backwards and the chest to lean forward. Frilly and large skirts were worn. Feathers, lace, flowers and ribbon were worn with middle parted hair. False hair was used to make a more "brim" hair around the hair line. For men, the popular item was 3 piece suits with bowler caps. Most collars were starched and upstanding.

The cost of living in the 1950s was much lower than it is now. The average income for a family is $3,300. The median for a home price is $7,354, which would use 4 paychecks to pay for the house. Along with the house and income, the average car costs $1,510. A $1,510 working car is a great price compared to the minimum $10,000 car in 2014.

Celebrities from the mid 1900s were different then some from now. Currently, the celebrities are people such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, Will Smith, etc. but then the stars were people like Grace Kelly, Jayne Mansfield, Laurence Gilliam, Gene Kelly, Gerald and Kean. Most of those people are actors or actresses. I could find limited information on singers, so most celebrities were actors and actresses.