What Mustangs Need to Know

The FAQ for the 21-22 opening of Otay Ranch High

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does school start?

School begins on Wednesday, July 21. The first day of school is on a full menu bell schedule, periods 1-6, with a start time of 7:30 AM and an end time of 2:40 PM. Please plan to arrive early as we expect particularly heavy traffic the first week of school. Please drop students off only in the the gym parking lot off of Santa Victoria or the Stadium Parking lot off of Olympic Parkway.

You can view important scheduling documents here:

Daily Calendar

Important dates

2021-22 Student Calendar

Bell Schedules

When will my child obtain their class schedule

All students will be able to access their schedules through the Infinite Campus Portal on July 20th. Students will report to their 1st period class and receive a physical locator card. If you are unable to access your schedule on Infinite Campus, there will be student directory posters and staff members available to help you find your 1st period class.

What does my child need to bring to school?

Your child should bring a back pack, basic notebook, pencil and pen. Each teacher will provide the students with a syllabus and a list of school supplies recommended for the semester.

When will my child receive books and a device?

Students will go to the library with each teacher to get books starting on Friday, July 23rd. Devices will be checked out when students go to the library with their English teacher. All 9th grade students will be checked out a device. 10th -12th grade students should request one when they arrive at the library with their English class. Requests for device repairs can be made during nutrition break and lunch at the library when textbook and device distribution are finished, Friday August 6th.

Online assistance from the SUHSD IT department is available. Check here for support: https://sites.google.com/sweetwaterschools.net/studentresources/home

What is the typical school bell schedule?

The typical school schedule has a start time of 7:30 AM and an end time of 2:40 PM Tuesday thru Friday. Mondays are pro hour days from 7:30 AM to 1:35 PM.

What does the typical class schedule look like?

On a block schedule day students attend three classes a day for 106 minutes for each class with a short break between the first and second period and a 30-minute lunch break between the second and last period. Additionally there is a 44 minute ELP period where students get additional support from one of their teachers. The ELP schedule rotates through their periods 1-6 teachers. You can view the daily schedules here.

Can I park on campus?

Licensed student driver's are allowed to park on campus in the gym and stadium parking lot. There is no fee or parking pass required. During the school day, students are not allowed to go to the parking lot for any reason. Any student leaving campus must have an off campus pass.

Who do I contact for questions regarding the Special Education program?

For information about the Special Education program or questions about your child’s specific I.E.P please contact our school psychologist:

Dr. Martha Ingham via email at martha.ingham@sweetwaterschools.org

Can I change my child’s classes or teachers?

Please note that no class changes will be made except to correct an error such as duplicate classes, incorrect level placement or a missing class on the first day. The current schedules are tentative and subject to change. Students may request a class change until August 3rd using the ORHS SCHEDULE CHANGE REQUEST Google Form (will be live on Wednesday). Requests for a teacher change or period change will not be granted.

What Safety Protocols will be in place?

The Sweetwater Union High School District's 2021-2022 safety protocols can be found here.

What if I am new to the Otay Ranch Community and need to register for school?

Registration packets can be picked up in the main office Monday -Friday from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm or you may print it here. Review the registration process and the additional documents required here. Note: registration does not close, and enter all registration documents in the order we receive them.

What if I have additional questions?

Please feel free to check our school website, http://orh.sweetwaterschools.org/ for additional school information or reference our school newsletter the Mustang Corral. You may also contact our school office at (619)591-5000 to speak with one of our staff members. Our office hours are 7 AM to 4 PM Monday thru Friday.