LS Connect #10

GrammarFlip • Make-a-Map Tool with Brain Pop

New! Make-a-Map Tool in Brain Pop

BrainPOP has now added a powerful critical thinking tool to their platform – giving students a way to demonstrate their understanding and make connections. Make-a-Map provides students with a space to organize their thinking and show what they’ve learned. Students can use Make-a-Map to prepare for a writing activity or to aid their thinking as they explore a new topic. Teachers can ask each student to submit their concept map and it can be reviewed as a formative assessment.
Cell Structure Concept Map

*GrammarFlip* (FREE!)

GrammarFlip is a self-paced, instructional program that offers an extensive set of engaging grammar lessons. GrammarFlip contains over 50 instructional videos, each followed by practice exercises and writing application activities. Students learn at their own pace from instructional videos, receive instant feedback from interactive practice exercises, and apply their knowledge through writing activities.

Teachers can register on GrammarFlip for free and create online classrooms in which they can track their students’ progress on the lessons they have completed. The concise tutorials are designed to engage students and grab their attention while allowing pause and playback at any time. Students are awarded virtual badges when they successfully reach certain milestones to build confidence and provide encouragement. GrammarFlip can be used with any computer, tablet or mobile device connected to the Internet.

Check out a sample video below!

GrammarFlip Video: Common & Proper Nouns