Roger Maris

by Ryan

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Roger Maris 1961 - 61st Home Run as Called by Red Barber, WPIX-TV, 10/1/1961

Early years of Roger Maris

Roger Maris was born on September 10th,1934, in Hibbing Minnesota He Grew up in Fargo North Dakota He played football and track in high school but at the end of high school he singed with the Cleveland Indians to play baseball. He was suppose to play foot ball for oklahoma but instead he played baseball.

Roger Maris career

Roger Maris hit 61 home runs in 1961 to break the single season record held by the legendary Babe Ruth. He was named to the all-star team for the fourth consecutive year. and compiled 33 home runs and 100 RBL's

Roger Maris post playing career

On July 21 1984 he was permanently retired by the yankees and that same year The Roger Maris museum was open In Fargo North Dakota in the West Acres Mall.

How Roger Maris died

Roger died of lymphatic cancer in Huston, Texas, on December 14 1985. He was later called by many people The single-season home run king.

Why Roger Maris is not in the hall of fame

Many people think he his career falls short because it was not long enough others say he should be put in because he broke babe Ruth single season recored but people are still trying to get him in the hall of fame today

Why did Roger Maris get the rough rider award

he got this award for breaking Babe Ruth's home run recored for most home runs and it held for 37 years he was also named one of the most valuable players

Things you did not no about Roger Maris

He has stolen 21 baseballs and was caught only 9 times he stole 8 while playing for cleveland. his name at birth was Roger Eugene Maras