Kyleigh Rhodes

Region and Dwelling

The Caddoes lived near the Red River in East Texas in the Piney Woods. The Caddoes were original residents of the Southern Plains, particularly in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Most Caddo people today live in Oklahoma. The Caddoes lived in grass houses because they were sturdy and dry. These houses were cool in the summer, but provided warmth in the winter.

Weapons and tools

The Caddoes primarily used bows and arrows while hunting. Caddo fisherman caught fish and shellfish in basket traps. Farmers made spades and hoes from wood, carved bone, and mussel shells.
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Special Traditions/ Religion

The Caddoes revered a god named Caddi Ayo. Chose leader in group, called "xinesi" this person was the only one who could speak with Caddi Ayo, primarily through meditation. Rituals were held to heal.


The Caddoes had a social system, political, and spiritual leaders.


The Caddoes hunted and grew their food. They hunted large bison, deer, and small game by the river. They were also farmers and grew corn, beans, and squash.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The Caddoes had a very large trade network.
  2. Most Caddoes speak English today.
  3. Traditionally the chief and the members of the tribe were always men.
  4. The Caddo people produced beautiful art including pottery, woodcarvings, and baskets.
  5. The Caddoes built mounds to place the dead.
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