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Hello beloveds...

How is everyone doing out there? It’s an interesting time… Either way, either side... someone will feel disappointed, hurt, scared, resentful or angry. Half our country feels one way while the other feels another. No wonder we feel torn.

Just wanted to give a little shout out around mindfulness. No matter what the outcome of this new chapter we find ourselves in is… You still hold the keys to your consciousness. Nobody can take that away. Unless you give it away.

I realize it’s hard to feel calm in the storm and yet each of us find tiny little ways to create buoyancy and light. Do what you can, when you can, if you can.

For me, I’m cooking, walking outside, calling friends, tending self, soul, business and clients-- basically making art with my life. Same as I do every day.

Maybe I'm functioning with a little bit more trepidation than usual and with a little bit more thoughtfulness to prepare like I may for a snowstorm. We don't know what we don't know and yet... life continues. Don't hold your breath, don't stop your life, don't hold grudges, don't let anger fester. Create with chaos.

For peace to exist, we must play the part of what's missing, regardless. Full stop. I don't suggest becoming a professional emu, head in sand, tra-la-la. No. I'm suggesting to embrace what is even when it's hard and imagine better, even when that's hard. Be mindful. Find a way to play with the frothing edges of life.

At the end of the day, I coach many leaders who've HUGE responsibilities and as many varieties of opinions to listen to as hairs on their head. They cannot agree with everyone nor make everyone happy. Their job is to find slivers of common threads where people may find room for progress, empathy, compassion and listening. This isn't always possible. And it's a perfect replica of what we are facing now as a country. The only thing we're agreeing on is that we disagree.

Although progress, empathy, compassion and listening may not play on that macro stage as we wish, no matter what side you side with, I encourage you to stand in leadership in your own way. When you can't find it, be the light.

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