Learning sixth grade Science


I am a sixth grader at Pioneer Middle School. My first year at Pioneer is off to great start. I am originally from India. I was born there in a town near a city called Ahmedabad. I then moved to Gandhinagar,the capital of the state of Gujarat and a city named after a very hardworking old man who had probably made the largest contribution to the independence of India. I lived in this city for about nine and a half years and then moved to California because of my dad's job. I am a swimmer who enjoys swimming very much. I have hobbies of crafting and painting. I am a very artistic person because of my hobbies. I'm also learning how to play flute as another activity. I also am a big foodie person who loves trying different cuisines even as vegetarian. I love watching different baking videos in my free time. I am a person who enjoys tons of different stuff and I like to try out new things like making friends people who have different qualities than me, or play a new game. I am a kind of person whose never feels bored because I always figure out a way to keep myself busy.

Introduction to Science 6

The first unit was very fun, we learned about different techniques we will be using for the whole year and we were also introduced to different kinds of scientific tools. We read a article about Billy, the puffer who squirts water at keepers to let them know she wants food. We answered questions about the article using clock questions and also picked out details using the method of ERWC. We made colorful metric rulers and practiced measuring in centimeters and also did a partner activity using the metric ruler. We made a Science Safety Poster using pic collage. We learned to make Qualitative and Quantitative observations. We classified items like school supplies, backpack items, and bedroom items. We compared and contrasted things like condiment bottles and sea stars. We were introduced to a tool called triple beam balance where we were able to weigh different things. We made observations and inferences on pictures and even drew a picture of our own. We even had two mini units related to microscopes and our mapping skills and a assessment in the middle of the unit. this was all we did in our whole unit called INTRODUCTION TO SCIENCE6.

My Favorite Activity

My favorite activity we did in the first unit was the mini microscopic unit. The equipment we used was a microscope. We used microscopes to look at sand samples, words and many other things. I liked this activity because of one main reason, and it is that I have never used microscopes before. This was my favorite activity because I even liked the way we made cover page for all our assignments. The mini microscopic unit was very interesting to me.