LuLaRoe Of SoFlo By Pam Greenblatt

Hi there and welcome! My name is Pam Greenblatt am I am your LuLaRoe Consultant! I have found my calling in LuLaRoe! I was a great customer before I became a consultant! I found myself on 50 VIP pages hopping back and forth all day looking for that $2 price difference so I could get the best deal! Then it occurred to me that I was spending my whole day on these pages. I figured since I loved the product so much, and everyone else did too, that I should become a consultant and keep the commission for myself instead of giving it to someone else! I'd also get everything at wholesale, get first pick of everything and not stress myself out trying to be the first to comment on a picture:) The rest is history! I love that I can make women so happy about the way they look while being comfortable too! I love that I have something for every size and shape woman! I love that LLR clothing are exclusive and the print you purchase will almost always be the only one in your state! I love that the Owner of LuLaRoe, Deanne, is 100% for women and making them happy in their own skin! The money sure isn't bad either :)


The definition of opportunity is "the chance for advancement" The opportunity that LuLaRoe offers is just too amazing to keep to myself! It offers us a chance to improve our lives, our families lives, as well as the lives of others. We can offer them clothing that makes them look and feel more confident, excited and beautiful!

Maybe you already love our clothes, maybe you are looking for a means to support your family, or maybe you just recognize the amazing opportunity this company can offer you RIGHT NOW! Especially while we are in our infancy and still a ground floor opportunity!

Inside each of us is our "why", the driving force that made you seek out this information NOW! The fire that will fuel you work ethic, determination and the desire to succeed and fulfill your dreams! What is your why? Why now? Why LuLaRoe? When you come down to it, people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it! Therefor your "why" is an essential part of your business!


1. You will own the business of your dreams, and like any business you will need to invest in the start up. On average the initial inventory order requires an investment of $5-$6000. REMEMBER The more inventory you have, the more you will sell. Building inventory is essential and we all started out with around 300 pieces. DO NOT FEAR this specific amount has been proven to be the perfect amount of inventory for you to have in order to have a successful Pop-Up Boutique. It provides you a strong start to your business and sets you up for the eventual growth of your business!

2. You will purchase your LuLaRoe clothing at wholesale and will sell it at retail, making a profit! The money generated from your first sales is best reinvested to pay back your initial investment, purchase more inventory, cover your costs, and of course a piece of that is for you!

3. The fun part is that you will be doing Pop-Up Boutiques which are what we call our home-based shopping experiences! Your hostesses will invite there friends to their homes and have a chance to shop in the privacy of their own home. After which they will earn free Clothing based on their total sales! Don't love the idea of doing home Pop-Ups? You can also sell via personal shopping experiences, online in a Facebook VIP group or even through fundraisers!

4. LuLaRoe also offers a great team building program! You can earn bonuses by inviting others to join your team and grow along side of you! You need not be concerned about holding their hands forever or teaching them about a business that you are new in yourself! That is what our team page is for! You are never alone! We all help each other!


When first presented, $5-6000 sounds nuts! After you learn a bit more about LLR you will understand where those figures come from and why they are the perfect starting point! If you owned a cute brick and mortar boutique it would cost you hundreds of thousands to run, and for most that will never be possible. This is why the LuLaRoe business opportunity is incredible! You can start your own mobile boutique for far less than other business opportunities available today. In addition LLR has shown unheard of growth in the past 2 years and they have taken steps to ensure we are covered.

The Audrey back office system is where you will place your orders, check on team stats and process your customers sales transactions. LLR also submits your sales tax for you! We only pay a small cc fee when a cc is used and we need not pay to have access to the system! In addition to your initial $5-6000 order you can place another 33+ item order after your initial order to acquire more than there required start up! THE MORE INVENTORY YOU HAVE THE BETTER, BECAUSE THE MORE YOU HAVE THE MORE YOU SELL! But it is NOT MANDATORY OR NECESSARY in the beginning!

Finally, one must weigh the cost to the return! In typical direct sales where the buy in is a couple of hundred dollars, the consultants make very little commission. As with any business you own, your ability to make a full time income is very possible, depending on the amount of work you are willing to put into your business!

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Pam Greenblatt

PLEASE CONTACT ME AFTER REVIEWING THE ABOVE INFO! There is so much more great info but I do not like to inundate you with stuff you don't need until you decide to start your own LLR business! I'm here for any and all questions! LuLaRoePamGreenblatt