21st Century Learning - Term 3 Week 10


Spelling Documents - Patti Sharwood - Instructional Leader

New Spelling resources -Fun With Spelling Ideas, Construct A Word - interactive and Spelling Cards.

Continuum Documents - Cheryl McNaught

Data Wall - Continuum - Patti Sharwood

Interactive Continuum - You may not have seen these interactive presentations, designed to work on all platforms including mobile tablets such as the iPad.

Making Connections - Student Interactive - Yr2-4

Visual Literacy - Varmints - Ideas for a unit and Diglit News pdf filled with ideas etc.

Main Idea - Worksheets, Hamburger game and the Main Idea game.

Programming Strategies Handbook - An oldish document but still very relevant for the teaching of all aspects of English.

Rosie's Walk and EALD Resource created by Karen Brown

Inferring - Lots of great new resources

Explanation Writing - Sunflower resource -S1

Comprehension Strategies - Visualising and Visual Literacy

Questioning Cues - Interactive - Y3-5 + Questioning Strategies

Readers Theatre - 2 new rseources

Phonics - QR Code Phonics resource and a Magic Spoon printable.

Cause and Effect - Poster to print

Guided Reading Resources - Steph Westwood


Developing Numerate Students - an EA4S resource

Vi Hart - You Tube clips. If you haven't heard of Vi Hart then you need to view these clips.

New Number resources - 100 square, Finger teaching tool, Blooming Subtraction, Crazy Cows, Addem where operations are explained, Number Time worksheets, Near Doubles.

New Measurement-Geometry resources - 3 new Stage 1 time games, Nonagon, 11Shapes of a Cube and Position games - I love the Penguin game!

Guided Maths - resource

Using Lego in Maths.

Jenny Eather's Charts - Did you know you can print her charts for free?

Plus an EA4S clip Recording Dominoes.

Maths Wire - Worksheets

New Curriculum

Maths Scopes - Vardy Rd PS - Thank you Vardy Rd and the Blacktown Learning Community for sharing.

Science Scopes - New Haven Thank you Murray McGrath for facilitating this sharing.

Have you seen the Science Mapping Grids? A great resource to use to plan your scopes etc

Did you know you could download a word document of the various syllabus? Great to use when creating units, scopes, data walls etc.

International Dot Day

Are you celebrating?

When - Tomorrow - 15th September

How - View Laura's Smore for ideas.


New Apps - Diary DIY, Faces iMake, Felt Board, Spell Pop, iLearn Continents, Bully Stoppers, Rat Dissection,

QR Codes - 2 new You Tube clips, Angela Pusz's Stage 1 Pattern and Time worksheets (thanks Angela) and QR Codes Literacy Ideas.

Other Resources

Sustainability Resources - The Meatrix, you must view this and a great resource for S3 persuasive writing. Plus Polar Bears Discussing Global Warming, What Does It Mean To Be Green?,Why Eat Local? and Sustainability Through Animation.

Religious Education Resources - For colleagues teaching in the private sector.

Domino and Bingo Maker

Free Printables - 5 Cheeky Monkey puppets, Play Mats, Cut Out Glasses and Paper Cut Outs.

Character Dialogue Sheets - Apologies if I have mentioned this resource before.