Mi Clase ideal en Guinea Ecuatorial

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Jeff Austin

Guinea Ecuatorial

Spanish Questions

  1. ¿Dónde está la escuela? (Where is the school?-give the location)

La escuela está en Malabo, Guinea Ecuatorial.

2.¿Cuál es la capital de Guinea Ecuatorial? (What is the capital of your Spanish-speaking country?)

La capital es Malabo

3. ¿Cuántos estudiantes hay en la clase? (How many students are there in the class?)

En la clase de Guinea Ecuatorial hay ~30 estudiantes.

4. ¿Qué objetos hay en la sala de clase? (What are the school supplies that are found in the classroom?-Tell me what objects

En la clase hay Las Lapices, Sacapuntas, La Mochila

5. ¿A qué hora empiezan las clases en Guinea Ecuatorial? (At what time do classes start in your Spanish-speaking country?)

Las clases en Guinea Ecuatorial empiezan a las ~7:30

6. ¿A qué hora terminan las clases en Guinea Ecuatorial? (At what time do classes finish in your Spanish-speaking country?)

Las clases en Guinea Ecuatorial terminan a las ~1:00

7. ¿De qué color es tu clase? (What color is your classroom?)

El color de la clase en (country) es Amarillo

8. ¿Cuál es tu clase favorita? (What is your class? –for this questions research the different classes that they have in your Spanish-speaking country and tell me which one is your favorite.)

Mi clase favorita es Español.

9. ¿Qué clase no te gusta? (What class do you not like?)

La clase que no me gusta es Cora

10. ¿Te gusta las escuelas de Latinoamérica? Porque? (Do you like classes in Latin America? Why?)

Me gustan las clases en Guinea Ecuatorial porque Tiene buenas escuelas

11. ¿Qué materias estudian los estudiantes en esta escuela? Lista todas las materias (What subjects do students study in this school? List all of the subjects.)

Las materias en la escuela son:

example: las matemáticas, ciencias sociales, español, ciencias naturales.

12. ¿Cómo es la clase, es grande o pequeña? (What is this class like, is it big or small?)

Las clases en guinea ecuatorial son grande.


Factual—How might the experience of going to school in another country be different from going to school in the US?

First of all everything in Guinea Ecuatorial is in spanish so I would really need to know spanish fluently. However as I researched Guinea Ecuatorial has about the same classes and the about the same teaching methods the U.S. does and also invests a lot into their education.

Conceptual—What would the ideal school look like in the 21st century?

I would think that the 21st century school is going to invest a lot more in technology. For instance computer programs and videos have started to overtake the classic teaching style that older generations have had. No I'm not talking about robots doing your homework however in the 21st century school, teachers won't play as big of a role as they do now.

Debatable— Is it better to attend school in a Spanish/French-speaking country rather than in the U.S?

I think no because Guinea Ecuatorial has about the same way that us Americans with our education system. Why have the hassle of going across the Atlantic for an education system that is similar to ours?

Fun Facts

  • Guinea Ecuatorial's other languages are French and Portugese
  • Guinea Ecuatorial has a population of 722,000 People
  • Guinea Ecuatorial has an area of 10,830 square miles.