🌺Sydni's Career!🌺

🌺My Goals For the Future🌺

🌸Before College🌸

The classes I would need to take in high school are biology, chemistry, and calculus. I would also have to volunteer at hospitals. Before beginning my job as an anesthesiologist, I will have to complete one year of internship, and three years of residency. I would also need a high school diploma to enter Appalachian.❀

🌸Student Loans & Admission🌸

My student loans will be 191 payments of $470.74. The non-refundable payment is due four months after the admission application.The admission process takes about six months to complete. The admission application takes about two months to finish.

🌸Colleges & Classes🌸

I plan to attend Appalachian State University. The tuition in four years is $442.75. The requirements for going to this college are a high school diploma, four english courses, four math courses, three science courses, two social studies courses, and two units of a second language. After attending Appalachian, I plan to go to USAFA Air force academy and become and officer. Tuition for this school is $0. I will need four years of graduate education, which leads to a degree in medicine. Classes I would need to take in college would be calculus, biology, and physics.❀

🌸How Much Will I Get Paid?🌸

The annual salary for an anesthesiologist is $337,670. As an officer in the Air Force, you can make $55,000 in about four years. The median salary is $190,000. Payment per hour is over $91.