Declaration of Independence

Chapter.8 Lesson 5

Main Idea

We believe the main idea is how and why Thomas Jefferson created the Declaration of Independence.

Important People

Thomas Paine

John Adams

Thomas Jefferson

John Hammock

John Dickinson

Important Dates

1776 Common Sense is published

1776 The Declaration of Independence is issued

1777 The Articles of Confederation are written

Important Places

Independence Hall

All About Independence Day

Independence Day is the birthday of the United States ,it is a national holiday. It is celebrated every year on the fourth of July. The holiday was first celebrated on the fourth of July in 1777 they celebrated it with fireworks and by ringing the bell of liberty. It wasn't until 1941 that it officially became a national holiday.

Who Declared Independence ?

In June 1776 Thomas Jefferson's draft included 86 changes later made by John Addams and Benjamin Franklin which where other members of the committee which where also allowed to make changes.

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This video shows how we celebrate Independence Day with fireworks on the fourth of July.!It also has the National Anthem being sang in the background !!!!!
Largest July 4th Fireworks Display in America