Theology II 1'st semester exam

The Original State of Man; Original Sin and its Consequences

In the context of theology redemption refers to the atonement or deliverance from sins merited by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross. God created our first parents to share in his love and friendship. For this reason he gave them preternatural virtues and his supernatural grace.
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God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to cultivate it and watch over it. God gave them complete freedom in the Garden of Eden with only one prohibition: they were forbidden to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.

The consequences of original sin were immediate. Adam and Eve lost their state of original holiness and justice as well as their friendship with God; they were consequently expelled from the Garden of Eden. their transgression also had consequences for the whole human race.

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In the beginning the word became flesh.the word was with God and the word was God.

he was with god in the beginning. through him all things came into being.not one thing came into being except through him.

* The word became flesh he lives among us

* He was baptized by John

* He brought the world into living

* He brought everlasting life

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From the earliest Christian era the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ have been called the Paschal Mystery. the Paschal Mystery cannot be understood outside the first Passover which occasioned the liberation of the Chosen people from their slavery in Egypt.
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the theological virtues

A virtue is a habitual and firm disposition to do the good. It allows the person not only to perform good acts but to give the best of himself. virtues can be natural or supernatural. Natural Virtues are good habits: a fruit of the repetition of good moral actions. For example, if someone wants to acquire virtue of temperance with regard to food, he or she will need to expand effort to eat less over a period of time.
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prayer is an inner communion or conversation with God. through prayer spiritual nourishment comes from god, who becomes more and more present. in the history of the church the saints bear witness to the necessity and power of prayer in the Christian life. we need prayer all the time because without any prayer anything or everything is impossible.
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the four marks of the church

The one church has established by christ present both on earth and in heaven. she is at the same time a visible community and invisible spiritual communion made up of both the earthly church and the church endowed with heavenly riches. the marks are essential and visible signs that allow the true church founded by Christ to be distinguished the true pilgrim church on earth and earth any others that claim to be Christ's Church.
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the last things

for all this the church can more easily be described as the divinely instituted institution that seeks the salvation of all souls. the surest way to die a happy death is to love a good christian life. at the death the soul leaves the body and is judged immediately by god the particular judgment. the possibility of merit or conversion ceases.
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