Vacinations : The Debate

By : Matthew Motley


The debate about vaccination is directly linked to fear, Many Anti-vaxxers believe that if you vaccinate a child that your child could develop autism although the study that stated that was debunked. Normally this would be fine but it is a threat to the whole population. Because vaccines don't "take" in every person one of the main things to stop disease on a large scale is "herd immunity". The percentage of vaccinated people to maintain this balance is different for each ailment but for measles the for the general population to be safe is 90-95%.

Pros of vacination

  • It keeps the community safe from preventable diseases through herd immunity
  • The diseases that are vaccinated are often deadly and a danger to humanity as a whole
  • People who aren't vaccinated are 25 times more likely to get whooping cough

Cons of vaccination (according to anti-vaxxers)

  • Violation of basic freedom of choosing what goes into your body
  • Danger of putting deadly viruses into one year old babies
  • The laws regarding vaccinations don't account for people who can't

Objective overview of vaccines

The debate about vaccination has been going on for a while. Both sides think that they are right. The anti-vaxxers think that it is harmful to the children and that the vaccine is more dangerous than the disease. The opposing side says that it is a danger to the community because of "herd immunity". Both sides have good points and the debate is in a deadlock.