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Teacher of the year!

Our new teacher of the year is........ Ms. Marcus! She works at a public school next to a local resident Ms.Edna. She teaches at a poor school but that didn't keep her from teaching! The students in Ms.Marcus's class loves her! She only has a few kids in her classroom and most of them are poor but they seem to understand her different type of needs.

Ms.Marcus teaches Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. All of her students seem to like Language arts the most because in L.A she teaches poetry! All of her students even have their very own poetry book provided by Ms. Marcus! That was very thoughtful of her. Ms. Marcus teaches different types of poems like haikus, cinquains, limerick, shape free verse and other poems.

Ms.Marcus works hard to give education to these poor kids and she really deserves winning teacher of the year! She cares for others and she teacher her students very well. Ms.Marcus, teacher of the year.

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Should you read the book "Every soul a star ?"

All students should read the book "Every soul a star" because of the adventures it can take you and life lessons you can learn. There are different geners like action, adventure, and some romance. In this book, you can learn about astronomy and space. This could really help in your science class! This is a long book , but I am sure people will enjoy it ! The book really grabs your attention at the beginning, although sometimes peers would like to learn more of plants than space, but that's their opinion.

I would rate this book a 4 1/2 because of the romance. I think sometimes it could get a little mushy but if your into it, then this is your kind of book! The story is complex but if you really just pay attention, you will get it. Overall I think everyone should read this book. You would really like it!

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You are Invited to a garden party!

Saturday, Aug. 10th 1968 at 12:30pm

Community garden, Downtown Cleveland, Ohio

Hi, I am Kim and your invited to our garden party! I am hosting a garden party at our community garden! You will have a blast! Please consider bringing your fruits and veggies so we have a variety to eat ! In this party you can dance and enjoy your time! See you there! Thank you

- Kim