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About His Life

Full name: Giorgio Zorzi

Born: 1477 in Castelfranco, Italy

Died: October 24, 1510 in Venice, Italy

Education: Taught and influenced by Giovanni Bellini

Lifestyle: Little is known about his life before he started painting

Where he lived: Little is known about his life before he started painting

About His Work

Work: Paintings

Patrons: Gabriele Vendramin, his work was in high demand everywhere

Isms: Mostly humanism, naturalism, and illusionism

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Work Description

La Tempesta is one of Giogione's most well known pieces. It was painted around 1507 and was done with oil paints on a canvas. You can find this painting in the Gallerie dell'Accademia di Venezia in Venice, Italy. This piece is important because it has a lot detail in the landscape, and it shows the idea of perspective by making some of the objects look farther away.

Work Analysis

This piece is of a woman and a baby, sitting in front of a city. A man is standing to the right of her holding a staff, and there is a stork on top of one of the buildings behind them. There is a storm occurring in the background, and there is lightning striking in the clouds. This painting is mostly a landscape, and there is little motion displayed. This painting represents naturalism because it is a landscape, it shows natural appearances, and the lighting and the colors are very subtle. I find this piece interesting because it is very detailed, and it uses perspective in the background.

Interesting Facts

  • He died of the plague at 33 years old
  • Giorgione translates to "big George"
  • His works influenced a new part of the art market, where private collectors put his successor's work into demand

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