Kilnefelters syndrome

A project by Chase Kelly

Basic Information

Kilnefelters syndrome is where there is 47 instead of 46 chromosomes. Klinefelters syndrome only affects males. Can be born with at least 1 extra X chromosome .



Some symptoms of klinefelters syndrome is speech and learning problems. Not being able to grow. Appearance of how you look. weak bones, not being able to stand well.

Daily Life

Some conditions of klinefelters during daily life. You can become apparent during puberty. Will not get facial hair, underarm hair.

Life expectancy

The life expectancy is normal.


Type of mutation

The mutation of causing the syndrome is an extra X chromosome.


X chromosome is affected

Common of syndrome.

One and 500 to 1000 males. It is frequent.


Possible treatments

Work with doctor to help distorter

Possible cure

There is no possible cure right now for kilnefelters syndrome

Other facts

Interesting facts

Characteristics are fertility, tall height, no facial hair, abnormal body

Reason for name

Extra X chromosome gets in so their is 47 total chromosomes instead of 46 chromosomes.