Devastating Georgia History

the Trail of Tears causes a horrible childhood memory.

Trail Of Tears

the Trail Of Tears caused so much pain to so many cherokee families. the cherokee couldn't do anything about it. they were kicked out of their homes & off of their land. many families had to suffer in the cold winter with nowhere to stay, nothing to eat, and nothing to smile about. many of them passed away from the bitter cold, disease, & dehydration. many of the mothers left crying. in the same trail where all those tears dropped still grows, the Cherokee Rose.

John Ross

John Ross was the political chief of the cherokee nation. he was extremly upset about the removal of the cherokees. in 1838 the cherokees were kicked off their land & forced to walk up north. the exact path they walked on is now called the trail if tears. all of the deaths caused the mothers to cry on that trail. above those tears now grows the cherokee rose.

Gisellle Pulido & Maria Ruiz