Vestigial Structures

Evidence of Common Ancestry


A reduced or nonfunctioning organ or part left over from an original ancestor.

Human Appendix

The human body's appendix is an example of a vestigial structure. It has no function in the body but because it causes no harm, evolution has let it remain part of the human anatomy.

This is a video link for vestigial structures.

Pelvic Girdle in Snakes

Like humans, snakes also have a pelvic girdle. But because snakes do not have legs, they have no need of a pelvis, making it a vestigial structure. It is a remanent part of a common ancestor between the two organisms.

Ostrich Wings

Ostriches, along with other flightless birds like emus and penguins, have no need of wings resulting in disproportionately small wings.

Additional Examples

They might be useless, but they are your link to the past.