ॐ Life Celebration! ॐ

Spiritual & Holistic Faire 2015

Join Us For The Learning, For The Experience, For the Fun!


☆ Astrology

☆ Auro-Photography

☆ Herbs

☆ Dr. Bach Flower Remedies

☆ Crystals ☆ Jewelry

☆ Foot Reflexology

☆ Energy Cleansing & Balancing

☆ Reiki

☆ Readings

☆ Tarot

☆ Vendors!

☆ And Free Lectures

ONLY $5 Admission

Life Celebration

Saturday, March 28th, 11am to Sunday, March 29th, 6pm

5311 Perkiomen Ave

Reading, PA

Healing ourselves and Mother Earth by learning to Integrate Spirit-Mind-Body, bringing Harmony into our lives!

Sponsors & Contacts:

Helga's Healing Center

1520 Eckert Avenue, Reading, PA 19602


Robert Moyer


Jeffrey Manmiller


Featured Vendor Fairy Fresh Farm

We Provide Reiki & Shamanic Healing Services. Our items are: Hand Crafted Wands, Staffs, Smudge Fans, Talking Sticks, Rune and Geomancy sets. A Large Variety of Crystals. Crystal Healing Pouches. Magickal Fairie Dust Bottles and Necklaces. Jewelry.