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A Summarized Review Of Catholicism And Fundamentalism By Keating Karl

The Roman Catholic Church has remained under constant attack for centuries. The issues in question have also weakened the faith of catholic faithful eliciting questions and doubts where answers have not been forthcoming. Catholicism and Fundamentalism is a book by Karl Keating that has come to rescue this Rome based church. It provides simplistic answers that will dispel any doubt and provide answers on almost all issues raised by fundamentalists against the Catholic Church and faith.

Keating uses a simple language that makes the book easy to understand. This book highlights the role played by anti-catholic organizations and individuals in America including the dates of meetings and activities these individuals have funded. The book signals a consistent attempt to shine the spotlight on historical errors made by the church and how they have been used to disparage it today.

Karl Keating addresses the accusation that the Catholic Church does not rely on the bible for doctrinal direction. This is an assertion made by Protestants as they focus on some of the rites performed in the church. The author gives a comprehensive account of the doctrines in question and quotes the relevant verses in the bible. This book has been quoted numerously by many Catholic bible blogs because of the details provided.

A historical occurrence where there were two popes continues to draw criticism. The explanation given by many traditional catholic blogs appears to be apologetic. Keating has provided a concise account of what happened then and how a resolution was arrived. This issue is mainly heightened by the position held by the pope in the church and especially the doctrinal justification of his selection process. The account by Karl is consistent with historical facts and thus considered extremely credible.

The high position held by Mary in the Catholic Church has attracted the wrath of non-Christians and Protestants in equal measure. It remains a soft target to the point of confusing catholic faithful. Karl Keating provides a well thought-out perspective that is backed by biblical quotations from both the new and old testaments. It is one of the most comprehensive answers to the long running question of the position of Mary in Catholicism.

Evangelicals and Protestants have joined the chorus about the Rome based church being too conservative. Keating affords them a few pages where changes over centuries are highlighted and the impact these changes have had on catholic faithful. According to the author, this card is drawn to justify unexplained practices by protestants and attract more youths to evangelical movements that are considered to be more vibrant.

Karl Keating addresses non-Christians about the inspiration behind the bible. In their assertion, they claim that it was never inspired by God but instead was a collection of history accounts and personal opinions. The evidence and explanation given leaves not doubt that this book was inspired by God. Keating also explains the inconsistencies that fuel the notion that the bible was never inspired by God.

Keating Karl seeks to provide a comprehensive answer to issues bothering Catholics, non-Catholics and Protestants alike. It is more detailed than what would be found in conservative catholic blogs. The use of a simple language makes it easy for anyone to understand. The consistency in facts, figures and historical events lends credibility to this amazing piece of work. It has been rated as a must-read for both Catholics and non-Catholics interested in finding answers about the centuries-old Rome based church.

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