SINNsational 1st Graders

Welcome to Room 4


Have a wonderful holiday! See everyone in 2014!

  • January 2, 2014 - School Resumes
  • January 10 - Bingo Night (information will come home when we return)
  • January 20 - NO SCHOOL/ Martin Luther King Jr Day


This week we finished building our snowman in a snow globe. We then wrote "How to Build a Snowman". Our writing and snowglobes are on display. They are beautiful!


This week we focused on the following skills:
  • building fact power
  • reviewing for our Unit 4 Math Asssessment
  • beginning our number scrolls

Social Studies

We finished our maps and they look SINNsational! We added our map key, the cardinal directions, a name for our town, and lots of parts to our town. We had some great names too. Names like Candy Land, Sinn City, Gayman Village to name a few. It's been a lot of fun building our made-up towns!

Apple of Our Eye

We loved learning about our very own Josie! It was so exciting to hear her mom read to us this week with her little brother, Ben!