Effective Treatment Using Superior Capenergy Hyperthermia Technology

Company profile

Capenergy is an innovative company that offers a wide range of tecartherapy treatments to patients with various indications. The company is located in Barcelona, Spain but has global reach. Among the main users of our products include; sport, health fitness clinics, gyms, medical institutions and specialty health clinics.

They rely on modern and extremely effective hyperthermia technology. The concept use high frequency electromagnetic fields applied to the human tissues to induce the desired therapeutic effects. A healthy body maintains an electrical balance and molecular physiological shift. The capacitive and resistive energy elicits the required pharmacological effects and the required infiltration.

The company offers a wide range of products suitable for physiotherapy, aesthetics, sports, medicine, rehabilitation, post plastic surgery, dermatology, phlebotomy and pain medicine. Capenergy manufactures a wide range of tecartherapy machines. The main products include: manual capacitive, manual resistive and automatic capacitive. This wide range of machines enables customized solutions for different therapies.

Capenergy products are specially designed to simplify rehabilitation and therapeutic treatment. With the use of hyperthermia devices which relies on modern, effective electrotherapy technology; most problems associated with rehabilitation and physiotherapy can be reduced.

The equipments are used for many applications. It is ideal for a vast number of indications such as muscular injuries during exercises, joint pains, bone and ligament pains, sport injuries, lymphatic drainage and sprains treatment. It is also applied in geriatrics in management of rheumatism, phlebitis, wrinkles, Osteoarthritis and lumbago. The devices are also extensively used for pain therapy such as elbow, ankle, shoulder, accident injuries, back pains, headaches, and migraine.

In aesthetic and dermatology; capenergy find numerous applications in wrinkle reduction, elimination of scars, anti aging, face lift, eye treatment, oval facial, modeling , remodeling of breast, tummy trucks, arms and buttons

Patients struggling with old age can also be treated with capenergy equipments to reduce wrinkles and reaffirm sagging body parts such as arms, tummy and buttocks as well as facelift.

Capenergy treatment methods are also used for biological and phebology indications. Typical treatment includes; psoriasis, bruising, phlebitis, lymphedema and ulcers.

Products content

Tecartherapy C50- this is small ergonomic equipment suitable for domestic use, in gyms and to attend athletes in the field.

Tecartherapy C100 - This machine has one channel that can be operated manually or automatically. It uses electoral transference of capacitive and resistive energy. It has options for manual capacitive, manual resistive and automatic capacitive operations.

Tecartherapy C200 – This is a versatile machine with two channels that are either operated as manual or automatic. The electrical transference is created using capacitive and resistive energy. The automatic mode is fully unattended and does not need an operator. Combinations of manual and automatic operations are also possible.

Tecartherapy C300- This machine has three channels which can be configured to manual or automatic mode. The large number of channels, allow treatment of different parts such as abdomen and cartilage simultaneously. This machine finds numerous applications in the aesthetic industry.

Tecartherapy C400 – This is a versatile machine for phlebotomy and aesthetic purposes. It has four channels. It has high injection energy derived from its four plates that run simultaneously.

Tecartherapy C500- This tecartherapy machine is suitable for uro-gynecological physiotherapy.