1. Life As a Knight

I take pride in what i do for my lord

2. Knight

a mounted soldier serving under a feudal superior in the Middle Ages. (Dictionary.com)

2. Chivalry-

the sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms. (Dictionary.com


i am hired to protect land for its owner


It was the duty of a Middle Ages Knight to learn how to fight and so serve their liege Lord according to the Code of Chivalry.

The Code of Chivalry dictated that a Knight should be brave and fearless in battle but would also exhibit cultured Knightly qualities showing themselves to be devout, loyal, courteous and generous.


what kind of life would you have protecting land all the time?

How hard would it be to protect tons of acres of land everyday?
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7. Personal connection

this reminds me of when we would make shields and swords of wood and fight each other when i was young

8. Hunter Reisenbigler