Don't be a cheetah

Reasons for endangerment

  • Cheetahs are shot by land owners.
  • cheetahs are hunted for their skin
  • Genetic inbreeding is caused by the cheetahs limited gene pool.(AG)
  • This increases the risk of them of them catching a disease.
  • Death in childhood disables them to reproduce (WK)


  • like land with abundant prey
  • live in semi-deserts, praries, grassland and Savannah in Africa and in some parts of Asia
  • like thick grass to sneak on prey(MH)
  • Trees for shade when hot
  • Grass helps camaflouge(OTA)
  • Cheetahs live in dry places
  • Temperatures form 75-100 degrees(POT)


  • skin camouflages with grass
  • skinniness helps rest in trees(FAM)
  • sharp teeth help bite into the prey's neck
  • non-retractable claws help with running(AP)
  • speed is everything their only source of protection escape from predator
  • they depend on it for everything(SNZP)
  • speed can go from 0-40 miles per hour in 3-4 strides(FAM)


  • main prey is antelope - small
  • Sometimes feed on hares(OTA)
  • sneaks up on prey first
  • speed helps in chasing the prey down(SNZP)
  • Loins, hyenas, and leopards are the cheetahs main enemies
  • Hyenas eat cubs
  • Lions and leopards eat adults(POC)


  • land animal -kingdom Animalia
  • skin- yellow with imperfect black spots
  • size- body length 45-53in.
weight 75-145 lbs.

small heads

males bigger(OTA)

  • communication
chirping noises to talk

Whine when in danger

  • unusual features
known for tear marks -no other cat has this(WK)

  • The cheetah lives 12-15 years but can live up to 17 years
  • Females can breed at the age of 21-22 months

Critical info

Why should you contribute?

  • unique- unlike any other cat
  • fastest in the world
  • distinct features that no other animal has
  • very innocent animals(POC)
What's being done?

  • Research for other reasons
  • assisted reproduction(AP)