The Kill Order

James Dashner


The general overview is this is a story about how the organization of W.I.C.K.E.D. came to be. In the beginning of the book a small village in the woods after the flares had happened. The village was a basic start of a civilization after the flares. One day the village was disturbed and an unmarked burg came along and from inside people had begun shooting people with some sort of darts. After a series of events shortly after two people had gotten into the burg and had it crash land. They had discovered the darts had some sort of a virus that was highly contagious. The two people return back to their settlement to find a few survivors among the many that are dead. Read the book to find out what happens

"...swish... thunk... screams and bodies falling. the projectiles kept coming, landing all around them, and Mark and Trina and Lana shuffled as quickly as they could, awkwardly carrying Darnell between them..." The Kill Order by James Dashner pg. 22 par.3

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