Show Me the Money!

First Line Sales Incentive!

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Happy Q4!!!!!!

I was chatting with Danielle Redner on Friday, and we were talking about YOU! My FIRST LINE stylists (those I have recruited personally or those who have rolled up to my first line) are always my top priority and I want to do something extra special just for you as we enter the BIGGEST three months of the year! This is prime time….sales are never higher, trunk shows are everywhere (we just have to ask), and the paychecks are exponentially bigger!

So just for YOU my FIRST LINE (shhhh) I am going to sweeten the pot for your holiday season personal sales!

For the months of October, November and December, if you sell:

  1. $5000 in a month (stellar seller)- you get an automatic CASH bonus of $200
  2. $10,000 in a month (power seller)- you get an automatic $500 CASH bonus
  3. anyone who sells $500 in a month (qualifies) goes into a drawing for a $250 CASH bonus

How easy is that??? CASH bonuses for doing what you are going to do anyway….sell, sell, sell. Unlike promotions this is all about YOU. You get to decide how you get those sales (in person is your biggest bang for your buck, but online shows, selling one on one, using social media)…the skies the limit! Just get out there and share the style. People are shopping for themselves and for holiday gifts. They are looking for someone to make their lives easier during this crazy time.

Imagine if you sold 10,000 all three months….that will be $1500 in bonus CASH!

Excited for an AMAZING holiday season!

Have a great holiday selling season!!! XO, Kelly

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