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Let Us Lead by Serving Others

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Who: Beta Club Members

When: January 20, 2017

Time: 7:05am

Where: Ebinport Media Center

Minutes from the last meeting.

Ebinport Elementary JR BETA CLUB
Meeting Notes
November 18, 2016
7:05am in the Media Center
In attendance: Mrs. Riley (Teacher Advisor), Kelly Scott (Parent), Heather Bishop (Parent), and Jr. Beta Club students
Meeting was called to order by Mrs. Riley.
Mrs. Riley distributed Community Service Hours submission form and talked about the students’ responsibilities as members to perform service hours. She gave some ideas of what services could be done. She told the students to read the form and to fill out a form every time they perform community service work. Members should try to wear their jr beta club t-shirts while doing their service projects. Shirts will be coming in soon for new members this year. The members should take pictures as they are doing their service projects and send or give to Mrs. Riley. She also told them the blank forms will be on the Ebinport website for downloading and printing and on a display board outside her classroom and that she will have some in her classroom if members need more blank ones.
She informed students that a Jr. Beta Club bulletin board will be displayed outside her classroom and that parent Heather Bishop and some members would be responsible for decorating it. Important information and pictures of service projects will be on the board. Members should check the board often for updates.
Another parent, Kelly Scott, offered the idea of collecting used children’s books that can be distributed in community Little Free Libraries. Members and/or Ebinport students can bring their books to Mrs. Rutledge who will collect them. Mrs. Scott will deliver them to LFLs. Members can get one service hour for every 5 books that they collect and bring in and should fill out a service hour form when they bring in their books.
There will be a Jr. Beta Club Induction in the spring. New members will get their pins at the ceremony.
The next meeting will be on Dec 16 and it will be a Christmas breakfast. Parents will be asked to bring/send in something to contribute.
As a fundraiser for Jr Beta Club, Lollipops with message (Lolligrams) will be sold to students and faculty and staff during the holidays in mid-December. Members are to send in bags of lollipops if they find them on sale/special to Mrs. Riley for using in the fundraiser. Members will be asked to participate in assembling and distributing the Lolligrams on the to-be-announced delivery date.
Member asked a question about the service time to clarify that it could be done in intervals of time and doesn’t have to be a whole hour of time to submit.
Mrs. Riley announced their will be a Jr Beta trip for members, but details to come later because she has to wait for approval from Principal Kelsey when she returns from maternity leave.
Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting is scheduled for January 20th at 7:05am in the Media Center.

Officers for the 2016-17 school year!

Ebinport Elementary Officers:
President: Mackenzie Campbell
Vice President: Christina Presley
Secretary/Treasure: Layla Jones

Service Hour Form and Information

Service Form for the Junior Beta Club

(Parents, please note: Individual community service hours are services that are provided by the students to the community that are in addition to the service projects that are fulfilled by our club as a whole. Service projects should include any service for which a student does not get paid and is not directly related to functions of the immediate family (i.e., chores at home or any act of service that would otherwise be fulfilled in everyday family situations). Our goal is to help students understand the responsibility of citizenship and belonging to a community and how they can help support that community in a positive way.]

Name of the business or private organization:_______________________________________

Date the service was provided:__________________________________________

Number of hours served____________________________________

A description of the service that was provided by the Beta Club member:

Signature of the supervisor:_____________________________________________________

Phone number of the organization:___________________________________________

Parent signature__________________________________________________

Beta Club member’s signature__________________________________

Print Beta Club member’s name_______________________________________

Meetings are always the 3rd Friday of each month!