itunes vs. play store.

whats the difference?


itunes is a radio station that can stream music. on iTunes you can manage any apple product from your computer. on iTunes they have music, tv shows, movies, they have an app store to play games, you can read books, and you can listen to podcasts. the app store is a place where you can download and use apps, such as games like flappy birds or clash of clans, or you could download social networks such as facebook, snapchat, or instagram. Down below are some of the apps that you can get on the iTunes store. all of the apps below either came with the iphone/ipod or they are free.

play store

Google play is an app store for androids. in the store the main categories are apps, movies & TV, music, books, news stand, and devices. they also have a wishlist, an option to redeem a gift card, to buy a gift card, and to buy google play credit. The apps below are free.