John Cabot

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He was born in Genoa,Italy. He died 1498 when he went missing at sea traveling with a group of men one being his son Sebastian Cabot. As a young child he moved to Vince where, in 1476, he married and was active in business. He spent five years working for the Spanish navy he also taught others to navigate and sail.


  • He discovered Newfoundland and explored from Canada down to the Chesapeake Bay.
  • He was the first European to explore North America since the vikings.
  • Cabot came ashore in present day Maine or Southern Nova Scotia and claimed the land for Henry VII

Impact on today

The impact he made was significant because he found Canada he carried a disease and killed the natives the first ship was damaged and went back to England for repairs with new breeds of fish, Cabot was never heard from again.Also Cabot's adventures and exploration blazed a trail for future explorers to refine maps and discover the true gravity of what he and Columbus's discovered

Interesting Facts

  • In Italy he is referred to as Giovanni Caboto
  • He married a women named Mattea and had three sons
  • Cabot explored the Canadian coastline and named many of its islands and capes
  • He was called the great Admiral because he was thought to be a hero