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October 10, 2022

Welcome to Week 6!

Greetings Clinton Valley families!

I hope you enjoyed the weather we have been having! I know I am! As I reflect upon last week, one highlight was our Boo Bash! Thank you to the PTO for planning and preparing for the event as well as to the families who volunteered their trunks and efforts that made this event so special! It was a HIT, and so nice to see all of you who attended. I loved spending time outside of school with the kids!

We have a lot going on this week. Academically, your children are full fledge into the curriculum and we have gathered all of the data that we need to begin intervention groups and meet our students where they are. It is important that you sign up for conferences so that the teachers can inform you of your child's progress so far. Below is the information for this.

This week we have our Cardinal Crawl. Because of the forecast, we have decided to change the date from Wednesday to FRIDAY, October 14th. The schedule is as follows:

ECSE, Kinder, 1st and 2nd will walk the track from 1:45-2:30

3rd, 4th, and 5th will walk from 2:45-3:30

Parents are welcome to come join to cheer their child on. The event will take place behind the school on the track. There will be a designated area for you to stand and watch. Please bring a chair if you prefer to sit. Since the event is closer to the end of the day, you may be inclined to take your child home with you when you leave. You must sign them out in the front office.

Have a wonderful week!

Kristin Doyle


Info From Mrs. Laichalk in Stem Science

Science Olympiad season is almost here! Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade students received a flyer for the team interest meeting. This is an informational meeting for students and families to learn more about the program. It will be held on Wednesday, November 2nd at 6:30 P.M. in the cafeteria. If you and your student are interested in learning more, please return the bottom of the flyer to Ms. Laichalk by Friday, October 28th. Extra copies of the flyer can be printed from the “Science Olympiad” tab on Ms. Laichalk’s website.

PTO Meeting Schedule

PTO meets every 3rd Thursday of the month. This month, PTO will meet on October 20th from 6:30-8 pm. They LOVE parent input and would love for you to attend!

Deliveries to Students

Deliveries, such as food, gifts, and flowers to students is not permitted and is stated in the handbook on p. 10. As much as we would love to make this work, we cannot manage delivering these items to classrooms. Please send a lunch with your child or have them order a hot lunch through the district's lunch program.
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Lunch Procedures

This year, we are able to lift any Covid restrictions in the lunch room. Therefore, your child does not have an assigned seat. Their classes have assigned tables. We believe that it is important that your child is able to choose who to sit by and socialize with their friends.

We do have specific procedures that we are still working on implementing. Students must stay in their seats at all times and be at a voice level 2 or lower. This means that any form of yelling or screaming is not permitted. It can get very loud in the cafeteria, so we will continue to remind them to keep the noise levels down. There have been instances where we had to implement a level 0 (no talking) and a level 1(whispering) so that they understand the difference.

Additionally, we are working on making sure that those who go through the lunch line, get everything that they need in order to avoid going back. For safety purposes, we do not want them traveling back and forth from their seats. Therefore, soon, we will not permit it. Instead, we will have a traveling basket for those who need additional items. We have been working on this for an entire month. We also understand that the littler ones may need more practice with this, but ultimately, we would like everyone to stay seated for the entire 30 minutes.

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Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences

Conferences are coming up in a few weeks! This time is valuable. During conferences, you will gain deeper insight into your child's academic progress so far this year. Our goal is to reach 100% participation. Please use the link below to sign up for a conference during the window. If you need assistance, please call the office.
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Cardinal Crawl

So far we have raised over 7,000 dollars! As of today, Mrs. Susalla's class has taken the lead with over $1,000! Mrs. Roddy's class is in second and Mrs. Anderson is in third, both raising over $900! Thank you all for your efforts. The goal is to have everyone join in on the fun!

Because of the forecast for Wednesday, we have decided to change the date of the Crawl to FRIDAY October 14th. Parents are still welcome to attend.

The schedule is as follows:

ECSE, Kinder, 1st and 2nd will walk the track from 1:45-2:30

3rd, 4th, and 5th will walk from 2:45-3:30

I will send out specific information by the end of the day.

Click on the picture below to link to the event!

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October Awareness

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