Cook's Chronicle

November 9, 2014

This week ahead...

Reading- This week we are working on allusions (an expression designed to call something to mind without mentioning it explicitly). We are using Greek Mythology as we study this. Today we talked about Pandora's Box and we will continue with King Midas and Achilles. We have also added a few more reading strategies. So far we know that good readers use metacognition, schema (background knowledge), make inferences, and question while reading and then search for answers. That's a lot to do as a reader. But the kids are doing a great job with these strategies.

English/Writing- Today we began using a mentor sentence. This is a sentence found in good writing. We will study and analyze this sentence to find why it is good. I am really excited about using this new strategy to teach about grammar through good writing. We will have daily activities that will help us see how to make our writing better.

Science- we will not be working on a new unit this week.

Social Studies- We are learning about European and Spanish Explorers. Students have made flip books to help spotlight what is most important about each one. We still will discuss Cortes, de Soto, and Coronado. We will also have a review game later in the week. I will let students know when we should be ready for a test. (they get soooo stressed out over tests)

Math- review skills: multiplication, division, place value, variables. Students need to work on multiplication and division basic facts. They should know this fluently in order to apply these skills in large number multiplication/division as well as fractions, which we will begin before Thanksgiving.
*** if your child does not know these facts fluently, they should study every night for minimum of 15 minutes.

11/18- Thanksgiving Luncheon