Blueberry Muffin Camp

Pilar C. Anna s

Marker A: Base Camp

The base camp or headquarters is going to be the office. In order for the people to be able to camp, they have to fill out paper work and get registered. They have to specify the days they are going to stay at The Blueberry Muffin Camp. They also have to check out when they are ready to leave.

Marker B: Hiking

The Sunshine Trail is the easy trail for hiking. The Avalanche trail is going to be the hard trail for hiking. People is going to be in the trail every 1 mile for safety. There is going to be a water supply box and first aid stuff in every stop which is going to be every mile.

Marker C: Rafting

The Water Puff is the rafting trail. There is going t be a first aid stop at the end of the trail which is marked by a line followed by a C. People is going to be around the trail to make sure nobody gets hurt.

Marker D: Camping (tents)

The only thing that we are going to allow for camping are tents. The circle around point D is the space were the campers are going to be.