Nutrional Benefits

By: Courtney Weathers


The Chickpea can also be referred to as the garbanzo bean. Here are the nutritional facts about this food:

  • Their seeds are high in protein
  • Valued for their fiber content
  • It helps boost the iron content
  • Contains vitamins and minerals and boots the amount of folate.
  • provide carbohydrates for those who suffer diabetes
  • The fiber helps with weight loss and makes for a healthy intestine


There are many different kinds of oatmeal that can promote health and nutritional benefits. Two important different kinds of oats are steel-cut oats and old-fashioned oats.

  • Steel-cut oats: made from whole-grain kernals

- allows your blood sugar to rise slowly causing you to feel satisfied longer

  • Old-Fashioned oats: Made by steaming and rolling whole groats

-Low on the glycemic index

There are many nutritional values of oatmeal:

  • Prevents diabetes and heart disease
  • enhances the immune system
  • stabilizes blood sugar
  • fiber helps prevent breast cancer
  • reduce risk of artery disease
  • Contains minerals


There are many nutritional differences between milk, white, semi-sweet, and dark chocolate.

  • Milk chocolate: contains milk, and more sugar than others

- is a stimulator for the brain

- there's a degree of fat that we need, and chocolate can be a great source

  • Dark chocolate: Small amount of sugar and vanilla

-high-concentration of cocoa

-flavonoids lower blood pressure

-can help prevent blood clotting

-improves blood flow

  • Semi-sweet chocolate: antioxidants that protect the body from oxygen free radicals that cause you to age

-flavonoids help prevent low cholesterol

  • White Chocolate: doesn't contain any cocoa

-high in calcium