Advantages and Disadvantages

Of the Articles of Confederation


1. Included a unified army for the states.

2. Set up a legislature where each state had one vote.

3. Was able to build and control an army.

4. Could deal with foreign countries on behalf of the states.

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1. The national government couldn't enforce laws, so even if they were ratified, the states could ignore them.

2. Under the Articles of Confederation, the government was unable to tax.

3. 9 out of the 13 states would have to approve in order to pass a law.

4. They would need all 13 to amend a law.

5. There was no executive or judicial branch under the Articles.

6. The states suffered economically when each state started taxing one another and hurting trade.

7. Failed to establish a strong central government.

Reason I feel the designers created a government with a weak central government.

I think the designers of the Articles of Confederation created a weak central government because they could have been afraid that the government could become too powerful and take over the people. I also believe that the states would not want to give up their independence to a strong central government.
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