Living with Type 2 Diabetes

Madyson Brazzell

Type 2 Diabetes Background Information.

In order for the body to get energy it has to get glucose into the cells using insulin, which is secreted from the pancreas. In type 2 diabetics the body does properly synthesize the insulin, but it doesn't open the doors of the glucose transport protein that actually allows the glucose to enter the cell and give us energy. The insulin and glucose then build up in the blood. But with the right mindset and ways of living you can still live a full, healthy life while having type 2!


How Your Exercise, Diet, and Lifestyle Choices Control Type 2

All these things are big factors that will guarantee that you live the correct life you want not a life of disease and unhealthiness. Factors that ensure a full, healthy life with no worries. You can live through type 2 diabetes, but you have to consider doing these things the right way.

Monitoring Your Blood Sugar

The main way to monitor your blood sugar levels is to use a lancing device or meter. The devices vary and so you should always look at the instructions on how to use them properly. They are used to tell you where your blood sugar levels are at so you can adjust to what you eat or any medication you may take. Low blood sugar is called hypoglycemia. A blood sugar level below 70 mg/dl is low and can harm you. Blood sugar levels at 240 or higher is too high, this is called hyperglycemia. Here is a website that will give you more information on checking your blood sugar levels.

Here is a website to give you more about high, low, and perfect blood sugar levels and what you could do to fix it:


Professional Help

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