KATE SPADE fashion designer

by Symone Davis

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Personal Statistics

  • full name : Katherine Noel Brosnahan Spade

  • birthday : December 24, 1962 in Kansas City, MO

  • married to Andy Spade since 1995

What is she known for ?

Kate is known for her signature line of handbags. Also she is known for her influence on the 90's because of her different takes on handbags and other accessories.

Colors & Silhouettes

In Kates’ line she uses many of the colors listed on the pantone website for the fall colors of 2014 and also the Spring 2015 color report. Along with the use of many vibrant colors she uses very modern silhouettes with vintage aspects.

Awards she has received...

  • the CFDA International Award

The CFDA was founded in 1962 by Eleanor Lambert, a true force in the fashion world. In 2001, an award was created in her name to give special recognition to other industry influencers.

Price Range $$$

Clothing Items

$25.00 - $1998.00


$68.00 - $525.00





~ All items on katespade.com

Products that KATE spade has

  • Designer handbags- small bags, shoulder bags, top handles
  • Clothing- dresses ,tops, jeans, outerwear
  • Shoes- pumps,flats, wedges, boots
  • Jewelry- necklaces, bracelets, watches
  • Accessories- scarves, hats, belts
  • Home- dinnerware, home decor, tabletop

What is her line considered to be ?

Her line is considered to be in the better aspect of marketing because she has higher priced items but they are accessible to the general public and her products are produced in larger quantities compared to designer or couture pieces.

Things to REMEMBER !

  • The once sleepy handbag brand Kate Spade New York has grown from $126 million to $750 million in net sales in just five years. Now, the company has set the ambitious long-term goal of becoming a $4 billion brand.

  • Kate Spade put her knowledge and interest in accessories to work, launching her own line of handbags in 1993

  • In 2004, Kate Spade shared her personal style and philosophies in her three books: Manners, Occasions, and Style.