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Perpendicular Point is located in Jervis Bay, NSW, Australia on the southern side of the Beecroft Peninsula.
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In 1770 Captain Cook first sighted Jervis Bay. He named it St George's Heads. He also named Point Perpendicular as we know it now Long nose. There is also a lighthouse on the giant 80 metre sandstone cliff on the northern side of Jervis Bay which is south of Nowra. The original lighthouse was located at Cape St George on the southern side of Jervis Bay. The cliffs make point perpendicular very visible.


There isn't much flora on Point Perpendicular as it is just a massive 80 m high sandstone cliff. There are some small trees, shrubs and bushes on the flat surfaces of the rocks, and a lot of green on the top of the rock which is known as Point Perpendicular


Fauna is one of the most important things about point perpendicular as there is water below and lots of creatures live there like macroalgae, littorinid snails , honeycomb barnacles , several species of gastropods. Around point perpendicular there are lots of favourites like Whales and bottlenose dolphins