Mental Retardation

Ethan Ray, Hope Rabon, Emily Foxworth

Causes and Effects

There are many things that can lead to mental disabilities , whether it be when they were conceived, due to the mother drinking, or injuries during the persons life, such as repetitive head trauma. Certain mental disabilities have different affects to the daily life of the person due to the way it affects the brain.

Interesting Facts

  • Some mental disabilities make it harder, or require a different way, to learn but it does not mean that the person in incapable of learning. In fact many special needs people are very intelligent
  • One in every 691 babies born in the United States are born with down syndrome
  • Children with down syndrome are typically included in regular academic activities
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Daily Life

In the daily life of someone with mental disabilities they could face challenges such as personal hygiene, taking basic care of themselves and, feeding themselves. Another thing to consider is the fact that some complex and more serious mental disabilities could make it where the person has to completely depend on someone else to help them take care of them self.
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Special Needs in a nut shell

In general a person who is mentally retarded is perfectly capable of doing the same daily activities but it may take more time or a different learning approach. People with mental disabilities may comprehend things differently so they may need to be approached differently, depending on the disability