Knight Notes

Yarbrough Elementary Newsletter - October 2019

Quick Glance at Important Dates

September 30-October 4th - Book Fair

October 4th - Club Day

October 11th - Deadline for Ordering Individual School Photos

October 11th - Donations due at Noon for Amazing Space Race Fundraiser (for prize consideration)

October 14th - Fall Picture Retakes

October 14th-17th - National School Lunch Week

October 15th - Report Cards Sent Home

October 15th - Ecology Preserve Field Trip (Sandersen, Sullivan, Teel, & Williams)

October 16th - Ecology Preserve Field Trip (Cowell, Glagola, Henson, Kerlin, & Ramey)

October 17th - End of Nine Weeks Celebration

October 17th - Box Tops Deadline for Fall

October 18th - Parent Conference Day (No School for Students)

October 28th-November 1st - Red Ribbon Dress Up Week

October 29th - Flu Vaccine Clinic


Each year our school has a fundraiser to help pay for items used to enhance the educational experience for our students. The PTO chooses a fun theme to engage students in the fundraising effort. This year we are having a virtual race that is out of this galaxy! Our aptly titled theme is The Amazing Space Race. Join us on the journey to raise money for Yarbrough Elementary School. We need your help!

Please look for the envelope sent home with your child and information emailed from your child's teacher. The link to donate online at My School Bucks is below.

Leaders of the Month

Congratulations to these students who were chosen to represent their classes as Leaders of the Month for the month of September.

The Knightly News is on the Air!

Want to stay caught up on everything that’s happening at Y.E.S.? Watch the Knightly News! You can find our daily news broadcast on the school website. Click on “Our School” then “Knightly News." Broadcasts are available for viewing for one week.

Box Tops Deadline is October 17th!

Please help us earn money for special projects and activities by collecting/scanning Box Tops. The Box Tops for Education Program has a new app where receipts can be scanned and the money will be directly deposited to our school's account. The app currently shows we have a little over $50 in scanned receipts. We are also collecting the paper Box Tops. The deadline to send in paper Box Tops for the fall collection drive is October 17th. Thanks for helping us raise money for our school!

Special Music Reminder

Every Monday is Recorder Karate Day for 5th graders! With permission from their teacher, students may come to the music room after eating their lunch to either practice Recorder Karate songs or to try and earn a belt by performing songs for Mrs. Oprandy that they have already practiced. The Recorder Karate songs and LOTS of helpful information about how to play the recorder and what is required to earn a belt are on the music webpage.

Class Pictures

Class pictures are available online on myschoolbucks for $10.

It's Not Too Late to Order your Yearbook Online

Order your 2019-2020 Yarbrough Elementary School Yearbook today. Our yearbook is only sold online and can be purchased at the following link:

Customer Service: 1-877-767-5217

From the Lunch Line

We’ll celebrate National School Lunch Week the week of October 14th-17th. The theme is "What's on Your Playlist?" Stay tuned for more info...

Each month Mrs. Vicki is handing out the "Golden Spatula Award" to the class who orders the most school lunches. Ms. Glagola's 4th grade class won for the second month in a row with 378 lunches! Mrs. Sandersen's and Ms. Henson's homerooms came in 2nd and 3rd. Mrs. Martin's class was the top 5th grade class.

Also - please bring in your lunch money!

Nurse Notes with Nurse Julia

Our "Teach Flu a Lesson" vaccine clinic will be October 29th. The flu vaccine will be offered to students with private insurance (excluding PEEHIP), Medicaid and qualifying uninsured students. There are no out of pocket expenses or deductibles and participation is voluntary. Forms will be sent home with students at a future date.

The Center for Disease Control recommends an annual flu shot for everyone 6 months of age and older. In addition to getting a flu vaccine, you can avoid getting the flu by practicing every day prevention:

  • Avoid contact with those who are sick. If you or your child are sick, stay out of work or school to prevent infecting others.
  • Use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing and dispose of the tissue immediately after use.
  • Wash your hands regularly or use alcohol based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth without first washing your hands.
  • Clean surfaces such as doorknobs and telephones.

Art Action with Mr. Daniel

It's "Go Time!" in the YES Art Dept. We're having fun working on the following art projects:

Our fifth grade artists are wrapping up their Wayne Thiebaud Ice Cream Cone renderings. Next, we will be exploring the works of the famous Impressionist Claude Monet. We will use the elements of art and the principles of design to paint our own version of "Meadow Road to Pourville." In the tradition of Monet, we will analyze the ever-changing nature of light and color.

Our fourth grade artists are wrapping up their Wayne Thiebaud Cupcake renderings. Like 5th grade, the 4th grade will be exploring the works of Claude Monet as well. We will use our creative ability, design principles, and elements of art to do a study of "The Manneport near Etretat." It will be fun to explore how Monet utilized positive and negative space within his compositions. We will also study the effects of light on form, color, and shadow.

"One can do something if one can see and understand it."

-Claude Monet

The Computer Lab Latest with Miss Ball

In computer lab the students are excited to start our new typing program called “Edutyping.” It is a tool that is used to help each student learn the keyboard, improve typing skills, and go on "missions" at their own pace.

Fitness Fun with Coach Smith

In October we will finish pre-physical fitness testing. Students will also begin the Punt, Pass, and Kick Unit along with Touch Rugby.

PE Notes:
1. Homework Fit Knight Challenge: Students can complete 3 activities per week and return the calendar to school to become a “Fit Knight” and pick something out of the treasure box in PE for the month.
2. Reminder - Students need to wear tennis shoes during PE time.

Media Memos with Mrs. McGilberry

The book fair is in full swing. We will be closing Friday at 11:00. We do still have a few empty slots for volunteers. If you are able to sign up, the sign up genius can be found on the YES homepage. Thank you to all of you who have helped it be a success so far!

Music Messages from Mrs. Oprandy

All students learned more about the four instrument families in the orchestra by watching a video and listening to the sounds these different instruments are able to make and what is required to make these different sounds. To help us have our best singing voices, we focused on having good singing posture, using lower belly breathing for breath support, and thinking about melodic contour. Everyone reviewed the melody and lyrics of “The Star Spangled Banner."

Fourth graders learned to sing a new song, “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad." They also reviewed the rhythmic duration of quarter and eighth notes, created their own rhythms using these notes, then performed their composition on rhythm instruments.

The big focus for fifth graders this month has been learning how to hold and make sounds with a recorder. They learned how to play notes B, A, and G on their recorder and reviewed quarter, eighth, and whole notes, and quarter rest. Fifth graders also learned to sing “Canoe Round."

Venture Visit with Mrs. Price

Whew! We have had a very busy month in Venture! We began September by practicing our engineering skills. Students were asked to work together to design a tower built of index cards that could stand 20” tall and hold a Beanie Baby. What the students thought would be an easy assignment turned out to be a very formidable task. It was fun to seeing students collaborate and work together. Students have also been working to explore science concepts that are being taught in the classroom.

Fourth graders began by building ramps and racing a variety of different size marbles to see how height and weight affect speed and kinetic energy. They also loved building their own flashlights as we explored conductors, insulators, open and closed circuits and energy sources.

Fifth graders explored properties of matter and chemical reactions by racing their Mentos and Diet Soda cars and watching soda geysers erupt. Last week, they became alchemist and discovered how to make a new substance, by mixing different chemicals together. We continue to love our adventures in Venture!!!

The Counseling Connection with Mrs. Walsh

October Guidance lessons will focus on safety issues. Parents please make sure your children know their full address and contact number for at least one parent. We will talk about anti-bullying strategies to enable our students to shut down inappropriate behaviors. Our classes will also have prevention lessons based on Erin’s Law. Erin’s Law (legislative law HB 197) was signed into effect on June 4, 2015. This law requires all public-school systems to provide age appropriate child sexual abuse prevention education in Pre-K through 12th grades.

Safe communities, internet safety, and personal boundaries lessons will be delivered through Safer, Smarter Kidscurriculum. Please visit the website for more information:

We will also be celebrating Red Ribbon Week during the last week of October. This is a national campaign focusing on drug and violence prevention awareness. Red Ribbons have been worn since 1985 to help educate and encourage children to participate in drug prevention activities. Be on the lookout for our “Dress up” flyer. Let’s have fun dressing up and celebrating good choices.

Quote of the month:

Gain peace inside yourself by practicing good character traits such as honesty, respect, responsibility and courage.

*When you are honest, you never have to feel guilty.

*When you respect others and act responsibly you gain higher self-esteem.

*It takes courage to practice good character traits when those around you choose not to do the same, but it’s peaceful to know you have chosen the right thing.

By Donna B. Forrest, EdS.