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This site allows you to take videos off of YouTube and edit them the way you want them. Then you can record your voice over it instead of hearing what is on the actual video. It gives you the option to use videos that the site provides as well as choosing a YouTube video. This site would definitely be useful for math teachers such as myself because they provide videos without sound they have made for certain math topics.

Check it out!

I also added a sample video below from their website. It doesn't have sound so you can record over it. It's an idea on how to teach integers.

Integers - Problem


Yacapaca is a website that has many quizzes available for teachers to use with their students. The quizzes are interactive which would incorporate technology in the classroom. On Yacapaca it gives you the option to pick what subject you want to find a quiz in. Then you can preview the quiz before actually downloading it. The website for Yacapaca is


Here is another presentation tool for teachers. This tool is free; all you have to do is go online and sign up. This resource allows you to create a presentation that is a webpage. All you need is a web browser to edit it. What I thought would be cool about this is that students can work on the same presentation at the same time. That is always something that is a problem when giving students group projects; only one student can essentially create the presentation. I would have to look into it more to see how easy it is to use; but it's sounds like it would be worth my time. Here is a link to their website


Chartle is an online site that let's you create your own interactive chart. It is very easy to use. I would almost rather use it than Excel. Once you are done creating your own chart it gives you the option to publish it. Then it will provide you the embed code of the chart so you could post it on a website. I don't know if it would be very easy to print, but it would definitely be handy if you wanted to post a chart somewhere.

The website is

Below is a how-to that is provided on their site as well.

The Teaching Channel

The Teaching Channel provides many different videos that are resources to teachers. They are categorized by subject, grade, or even topic. This would be a great site to look at to get some new lesson plan ideas. I provided a link to one of the videos on their site about teaching to different levels of math capabilities below.


This is a site that is free. You can sign up and it will allow you to create cool images you can use in your classroom. I included a quote from a user of the site above. Here is a link to the site I also included a how-to video below.

Using Big Huge Labs

Surfnetkids- Surfing the Net with Kids

This site has a ton of great resources. It includes games that you can give students and ideas on how to teach certain topics. You can sort through the site by the topic you teach, or just by blogs, teachers, or top ten. This would be a useful resource, especially for elementary school teachers.

Hot Potatoes

This website provides applications that you can use to make your own tests. You can create quizzes that can be multiple choice, fill in the blank, and much more! Here's the website

There is a video below that explains how to make a crossword puzzle using this software.

hot potatoes cross word puzzle

Create A Graph

This is an easy-to-use site to make your own graphs. This would be good to use in a classroom to have all of your students make their own graphs. This site doesn't provide an embed code, but it does allow you to print the graph off when you're done. The website is


Audacity is a free download you can get online. The download allows you to make recordings and edit them. People can even burn them and make CD's with them on it. This could be useful in the classroom when using other resources, such as this smore website, to put recordings on projects. The website where you can find the free download is here

I also included a short how-to video below on how to record in this application.

How to Use Audacity to Record Your Voice on Your Computer with a Microphone