This week (and next) - Unit 11

Demonstratives, Interrogatives, Ovid, and Spring Break?

Spring Break?

Here's the deal about Spring Break:

NCVPS does not observe a Spring Break per se, but you do get Good Friday (April 3rd) off!

Your school is probably observing Spring Break either this week or next, and so I have scheduled Unit 11 to last two weeks (see below). Please use the time to get caught up, if you need to, and to enjoy yourself if you can!

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Change in my BBIM Office Hours

I'm hanging out on Blackboard IM, just waiting for you to ask me questions!

Here are the new hours when you can reach me:

M - Live Classroom 7-8pm

T - BBIM 330-430pm

W - BBIM 7-8pm

Th - BBIM 330-430pm

I can also meet you online Fri-Sun by appointment. Just let me know...I am here to help!

Demonstrative Adjectives

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These are the Demonstrative Adjectives.

Please note that the plural in English for 'this' and 'that' are 'these' and 'those'.

As adjectives go, demonstratives usually go before the noun they modify.


hic puer

isti libri

illa puella