Daily prxyers requested - I am cxrrently in cxuntry

July is a month of F2F input

Over the month of July I will be working face-2-face with each SDC location starting at one end of the country and ending at the other.

Please share this within the usual networks at MCC and IXVXZ these are notes from LXdya a few hours ago

After quite tiring and stressing airport issue last night, all are coming together as we all try our best to fit in all schedule while Pak Bruce in Indonesia.

It was one of those travel days’ plane left late in NZ, was delayed in Bali landing, missed my 5.00 pm connection, spent 4 hrs running from office to office to get the only vacant seat out of Bali for 10 days [It is high high session post RXmadan holidays] The whole trip took 22 hrs of travel blah!!!!

GlXdya and Pak Bruce are going to start their trip today, please pray for both of them, for good fruitful trip, reaching well GXd goals in each meeting/trXining, and good health for them.

July 11, Training for Trainers, 40-50 peserta di GXI di BXnjarbaru. 9am - 15.30

Pray for Bruce & Gledya for teaching, prXy for all attendance, pray they all become a fruitful tentmaker and be a facilitator for PAM BXnjarbaru and continue disciple professionals to be tXntmaker.

July 12, SDC east Java fellowship, pray for good time sharing about being a tentmaker to some new contacts/professional, to check in on the member care follow up of the 78 that were sent in January

July 13, SeXarang SDC meet to talk about building format follow up and plans for Training 50 students in SeXarang, those who responded to the Gideon call in January

July 14, SDC jogya, new contacts and sharing more about tentmaker, start Jogya PAM training course.

**if Jogya cancel the possibility is going to BaXdar LaXpung

July 15-17, Singkawang, doctors meeting come from BethXsda hospital, Bruce and Dr. ChriXtian will go there and share about being a tentmaker. Please pray for trip from Pontianak back to back, and a fruitful sharing time.

July 18, PekaXbaru start a SDC and open new contact to call all tentmakers in PekXnbaru to reach out using their professional’s life.

July 19th, Pak Bruce back home after catching up with the teXm.

This input is covering multiple locations, multiple teams but the conversation is the same


· RecruitXent

· TraXning

· SeleXtion

· SenXing

· MeXber Care.

Especially the training in how to be a TM person in a Non C UPG location

Currently this movement of Indo professional graduates, choosing where they work and where they live, is making a significant impact for the KIXGDXM.

Our prXyers are real and answered !!!

LidXa and GleXya make this happen

They front edge of what is happening is driven on the ground by these 2 fantastic local folk, our ongoing prXyer support for them is vital.

PAM Indo

Both the ongoing prayer and financial support continue to make a difference in what is happening in this local project.