Michael Vey Hunt for Jade Dragon

By: Richard Paul Evans Book Report by Jaden Regier

Plot Summary

Hunt for Jade Dragon is about a kid named Michael Vey and his friends. In the story they are hunting for a girl named Jade Dragon, who is being held by a terrorist group called the Elgen. The Elgen are keeping her, because she holds information that they need, and if they get the information they could use it to kill Michael and his friends. The Elgen are keeping Jade Dragon at a compound in Taiwan. When Michael goes and finds him they break into the compound, but they are captured. So then they plan to escape and when they do they successfully get Jade Dragon in the process. They then find out that the Elgen have attacked Michael and his friend's home base, and that the attack killed their families.
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1. What did I enjoy about the book?

I enjoyed that the book was interesting and kept me wanting to read more. I also enjoyed that the book left off in a cliff hanger.

2. If the book was well written how was it?

The book was well written because it had lots of action and it never had a dull moment.

3. Was the ending satisfactory?

The ending was satisfactory for me because I like books with cliff hangers at the end.

4. Would I recommend this book?

Yes I would recommend this book if you like books with lots of action and books that have fighting in them.