Extra Features Pack

MIDI Designer Pro 2 in-App Purchase

Express More with EFP

The Extra Features Pack gives advanced users new ways to unlock their creativity and interact with their rigs with three new control types.
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Layering, Transparency and Fill Options for Images

It ain't Photoshop but you've got everything you need to decorate and annotate your layout using:

  • Alpha Adjustment (transparency)
  • Z-layers allow for images to be behind and in front of other controls.
  • Fill adjustments -- including Tile! -- allow for branding and visual insanity.
Meters in MIDI Designer 2.0 with VUplug by musicIO
Meters come alive with real-time volume information from your DAW. VUplug, the metering plugin from our partners at musicIO, makes this possible. VUplug is a VST/AU solution for just almost any DAW. It provides metering over MIDI using Host Automation. Learn more about VUplug: it's free to download and use!

[Aside from VUplug, musicIO makes the premier solution for audio and MIDI over USB]

Extra Features Pack IAP and MIDI Designer Pro 2

MIDI Designer Pro 2 was launched in June of 2016 as a free upgrade to all MIDI Designer Pro users. The Extra Features Pack IAP is available as a one-time purchase for $4.99. MIDI Designer Pro is a one-time purchase of $24.99.

MIDI Designer by Confusion Studios LLC

MIDI Designer is the premier professional MIDI controller platform for iOS. It's inspired a generation of musicians, VJs, DJs, and others to create the rig of their dreams to control anything MIDI. MIDI Designer requires no scripting, very little knowledge of MIDI, and is 100% built from ground up for iOS only.