People In Science!

By Davis Stelzer

Jon Bohmer

John Bohmer invented a heated oven that uses sunlight to heat food and liquid. He also made a solar powered flashlight! He went to Berkley High School. He was the founder and CEO of "Pulse Network"!
TEDxNairobi - Jon Bohmer - Solar, An Alternative Energy Source

Dijanna Figueroa

Dijanna Figueroa spends approximately 12 hours a day in her lab! She studies creatures living in extreme environments. She appeared in the IMAX film, "Aliens Of The Deep." She also helps others get interested in science.
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Mitchell W. Pryor

Mitchell studies robots for life! He lives in Austin, Texas. He went to the college of Austin for studying Robots but wasn't there for long. He now lives his life building robots! He also made a selective laser sintering 3-D printing! He even works with different arts.
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Agnes Riley

Agnes was well known by the name "Rose" for her favorite flower. Shes from Budapest, Hungary and moved to New York in 1999. She became a computer technician when she moved to New York. With over a decade of expirence, she loves her job to today!
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