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September 2017


One of the funniest stories that Mr. Crenshaw has ever told me is about the time that he went to the Mid-Winter Conference last year. (For those who don't know that's a really fancy conference that superintendents and principals go to in Austin.) Anyway....He presented the cool things we do on our campus on a daily basis. Things like a hydroponics lab, flying drones, virtual learning activities, 1:1 computing, etc....

At one point in the presentation he said that a lady sitting by Mrs. Whiteker turned around to a friend sitting close to her and said , "Who ARE these people?"

LOL!!! That's right! The amazing things that go on at HMS are just that....AMAZING. Don't ever forget that! Most importantly don't forget how awesome you all are. I couldn't wish to be part of a better team!

So to answer that lady's question, whoever she is, "WE are those people!"

Hudson Middle School - We Give Dreams a Chance.

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Stay in the Loop:

  • Student Information Spreadsheet - We should be on the downhill slide of this. Please make sure that you collect as many stragglers as you can who have not turned in their forms, but next week we will make a list of kids who haven't and Mrs. Simmons will help use round them up.

  • Enotes - Next week, I will sending out a Google Form asking what lists you want created in Enotes and get the file ready for you to upload all of your student numbers. From there I'll send a video on how to get your lists set up or you can come to me for help.
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Remember - Four Are Required For the Year AND one must be a requested Nepris Session!


Discovery Education Calendar of Virtual Field Trips

Connect 2 Texas Opportunities

Mystery Location Calls


Connected Classrooms

Google Hangouts in Education

Mystery Hangout

  • These are groups of educators on Google+ looking to connect classrooms via Google Hangout and/or SKYPE to determine the class' mystery location in the world as well as other activities!

You can check out a webcam with a mic from the media center!

Reserve the multipurpose room with the big, nice conference camera here!

Don't forget to record your virtual learning activities on the sheet in the HMS Team Drive here!
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