Author: Lois Lowry


The giver is about a man who teaches Jonas, a boy who lives in a world of no emotions or feeling , and in a community which has no change. Jonas was chosen as a receiver of memories & received all the the givers memories of back and back and back where there was war & hatred and murder and jealousy & nothing was always the same all the way. Jonas later sees the moral standards & beliefs of his community & sees it is not perfect.
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Jonas is the main character. Jonas is given secret information about his community & soon realizes that his people are doing terrible things in order to keep everyone comfortable. he begins to learn the truth about man kind & about war , death, loss & suffering from the giver.

Favorite quotes

* " Things could change , Gabe. things could be different. i don't know how, but there must be some way for things to be different. there could be colors. and grandparents. And everybody would have memories. you know about memories.

....... Gabe there could be love !"

* " Is it worth giving up the experience of beauty and joy and love to end pain and suffering"


  • Would you spend a whole week in the community where Jonas lived ? why or why not
  • whats your favorite part of the novel?
  • who's your favorite character? why
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